Solid Wood Flooring

wooden floor
T&G wood floor

Tongue and Groove, known as T &G, is by far the most tried and tested method of laying hard wood flooring. This allows you to lay long, wide planks which maximises the beauty of the wood and shows off the natural flow of the grain in each plank.

Widths and Lengths vary between different hard woods. The wider the width of the plank the better as this brings out the warmth and beauty in the wood.

Widths vary from 60mm – 150mm
Lengths vary from 0.5m – 3.5m
Thickness is 20mm

T & G flooring is laid on wooden batons which separate the wood from the substructure. If you choose T & G flooring, architects and builders need to ensure that they incorporate the levels of the substructure into the design and construction of the floor. This is very important in kitchen and bathroom transition areas. In new buildings, T & G wood flooring is usually laid on 20mm x 30mm batons which are attached to the substructure.

Maxi Planking is the term used for planks which are squared off and stuck down. This is most often used where the flooring (or underneath screed) is the same level throughout and allows the architect and builder to easily link in the wood with other types of flooring e.g. tiles and carpets.

Widths vary from 60mm – 110mm*
Lengths vary from 0.4m – 1.2m
Thicknesses 20mm

There is a restriction on the widths and lengths of the planks to limit the movement within the wood when glued down. NOTE: With some hardwood varieties it is advisable to use widths under 100mm.